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Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute

Member of the Network Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI) - a leading non-governmental organization established by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam to support for the sustainable development of rural industries in Vietnam.

The Center for People and Forests

Member of the Network To enhance capacities at all levels to assist the people of the Asia-Pacific region in developing community forestry and managing forest resources for optimum social, economic, and environmental benefits.

SNV Viet Nam

Member of the Network SNV Viet Nam with a team of international and national advisors based in three portfolio teams in the North and North-Central regions is delivering development results in two impact areas: (i) increased production, employment and equitable income opportunities (ii) improved access, coverage and quality of basic services. SNV's advisory work focuses on Renewable Energy, Smallholder Cash Crops, Forest Products, Pro-Poor Sustainable Tourism, and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Embassy of Finland

Member of the Network The Finnish Embassy in Hanoi was set up in 1974. Finland confirmed its relations with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, after the unification of the country in 1975. Vietnam opened its Embassy in Helsinki at the end of 2005. The setting up of the Embassy is an important step towards consolidating the relations between the two countries, especially in promoting trade and investment relations between Finland and Vietnam.

Netherlands Embassy in Viet Nam

Member of the Network Diplomatic ties between the Netherlands and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam were established on 9 April 1973, with the Netherlands ambassador in Beijing accredited to Hanoi. The embassy in Hanoi was opened in 1976. In early 1998 Vietnam established an embassy in The Hague. For the Netherlands, Vietnam has become one of the 15 focus countries for trade and investment promoted world wide.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Member of the Network JICA works with a number of development areas in Viet Nam such as education, health, water resource/disaster management, natural management etc.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Member of the Network FAO is a specialized agency of the United Nations with the mandate to combat hunger and ensure food security. FAO is one of the UN agencies that jointly execute UN-REDD Programme in Viet Nam.

United Nations Development Programme

Member of the Network UNDP Viet Nam Office is one of the UN Agencies to execute the UN-REDD Joint Programme

Office of the Government

Member of the Network

Agro-economic Department - MPI

Member of the Network

Department of Meteorology and Climate Change - MONRE

Member of the Network

Viet Nam Forestry University

Member of the Network The VFU is a training and education institution specialized in various aspects of forestry in Viet Nam.

Forest Science Institute of Viet Nam (FSIV)

Member of the Network FSIV is a research institution focusing on forestry and is under the direct guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Forest Sector Support Programme and Partnership

Member of the Network FSSP working towards putting in place arrangements for continued collaboration in support of the forest sector of Vietnam among national and international institutions and communities.

Department of Legislation - MARD

Member of the Network Legal Department of MARD assist the Minister with legal issues related to agriculture,forestry,fisheries,irrigation,and rural development.

Department of Science Technology and Environment - MARD

Member of the Network The Department of Science and Technology commences its State duties in science, technology and environment.

Finance Department - MARD

Member of the Network

Planning Department-MARD

Member of the Network

Finance Department - MARD Member of the Network

Planning Department - MARD Member of the Network