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The FCPF project is supporting the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in development of a program document for emission reduction program for North Central Coastal Region. One of the requirements for the program is to develop the reference level as the baseline for accounting intervention results associated with emission reduction and removal enhancement. The method used to construct reference level follow guidelines provided in the Carbon Fund Methodological Framework. The following links provide access to the activity data and emission factors used for reference level development.

1. Activity Data (click here)

2. Emission Factors (click here)

3. Intervention Area (click here)
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FCPF-2: Development of reference level for emission reduction program in North Central Coastal Region

14/11/2017 05:32' PM

Women's union with Forests an Climate change

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Contract Description: International Consultant for Chief Technical Advisor (CTA)

FCPF-2: Request for expressions of interest

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