The REDD Network works in a range of thematic areas, thereafter, a number of technical working groups need to be established to work on thematic matters of REDD which shall support the thematic operation of the REDD Network.

There are initially 13 members of the REDD Technical Working Group including representatives of VNFOREST, REDD National Focal Point (VNFOREST), FSIV, FIPI, Forestry University, Department of Meteorology and Climate Change (MONRE), FSSP CO, UNDP, FAO, JICA, GIZ, ICRAF, and other specialists from Viet Nam Administration of Forestry. The number of members in the REDD Technical Working Group is opened for whom working related on REDD issues.

The REDD Technical Working Group are then diversified into different Thematic Sub-Technical Working Groups, these consist of:

(i) Sub-technical working Group on REDD Governance, which cover issues on REDD governance; government structures and capacity building; forest policies, rules and regulations; external linkages with other government agencies;

(ii) Sub-technical working Group on MRV which covers issues on forest data, forest inventory, data management and MRV;

(iii) Sub-technical working Group on REDD financing and benefit distribution which covers issues of development of the REDD+ fund;

(iv) Sub-technical working Group on Local Implementation of REDD which covers issues of REDD implementation at districts and communities, capacity building, interventions, alternative rural livelihoods, ethnic communities; and

(v) Sub-technical working Group on Private Sector Engagement
which covers issues of development and implementation of Programme, forming related policies.

(vi) Sub-technical working Group on Safeguards which covers issues of co-ordinated technical assistance is delivered to the Government of Viet Nam, and other relevant stakeholders, in operationalization of safeguards to promote social and environmental co-benefits from REDD+ at national, sub-national and local levels. 

Download: List of STWG (Note: this list is opened to welcome participation from REDD related agencies/organizations or individual REDD experts).