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2020/04/04 0:00:00 Joint Circular 100/2013/TTLT-BTC-BNNPTNT dated 26th July, 2013 guiding on execution of some articles of Decision 24/2012/QĐ-TTg dated 1st June, 2012 of the Prime Minister on investment policy for SUFs for the period 2011-2020 Download
2020/04/04 0:00:00 Joint Circular 80/2013/TTLT-BTC-BNN dated 14th June, 2013 between the MoF and MARD guiding on management and use of state budget for forest protection and development Download
2020/04/04 0:00:00 Circular 24/2013/TT-BNNPTNT dated 6th May, 2013 of MARD regulating on alternative options of reforestation when objectives of forest use are changed Download
2020/04/04 0:00:00 Circular 23/2013/TT-BNNPTNT dated 4th May, 2013 of the MARD to improve extremely poor natural forests which are production forests Download
2020/04/04 0:00:00 Joint Circular 20/2013/TTLT-BNNPTNT-BTC dated 27th March, 2013 Download
2020/04/04 0:00:00 Joint Circular 10/2013/BNNPTNT-BKHĐT dated 1st February, 2013 between the MARD and MPI provides guidelines on management and use of State fund to implement forest protection and development for the period 2011-2020 according to Decision 57/QĐ-TTg Download
2020/04/04 0:00:00 Circular 51/2012/TT-BNNPTNT dated 19th October, 2012 of MARD guiding on forest protection and development stipulated in Decision 57/QĐ-TTg dated 9th January, 2012 of the Prime Minister Download
2020/04/04 0:00:00 Circular 04/2013/TTLT-RKHĐT-BNNPTNT-BTC dated 19th August, 2012 Download
2020/04/04 0:00:00 Circular 34/2009/TT-BNNPTNT dated 10th June, 2009 of MARD on Criteria for forest identification and classification Download
2020/04/04 0:00:00 Circular 08 /2009/TT-BNN dated 26th February, 2009 of MARD guiding on implementing some policies of supporting the development of forestry, agriculture and fisheries according to Resolution 30a/2008/NQ-CP dated 27th December, 2008 Download
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