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FCPF-2: Meeting of Project Steering Committee

On 10 January 2018, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development cum Chairman of Steering Committee for Project “Support for REDD+ Readiness Preparation in Vietnam - Phase 2” (FCPF-2) – Mr. Ha Cong Tuan chaired the Project Steering Committee meeting to evaluate the results of project implementation in 2017 and direct the tasks in 2018.

Vice Minister Ha Cong Tuan chaired the Steering Committee meeting
Participants were members of the Project Streering Committee, representatives from VNFOREST, MBFP, Departments of International Cooperation, Finance and Planning, chairmen of Provincial People’s Committees, directors of Provincial Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development and representatives from Provincial Project Management Units.
After listening to reports and discussion from participants, Vice Minister Ha Cong Tuan concluded as following:
The implementation results of 2017 plan
The Steering Committee highly appreciated the results achieved, the project direction and implementation of CPMU and PPMUs. Although the project was not officially launched until the second quarter of 2017, some important results has been achieved and are the groundwork for the activities of the coming years.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy - Project Director was presenting the 2017 project implementation results
The proposed 2018 implementation plan
- The Steering Committee agreed with the groups of activities under the four components proposed. In the process of developing and implementing the plan, it should be open, flexible for specific requirements of REDD+ and follow closely to the Project Document, total investment and key results committed to the donors.
- The project should focus on supporting legal document development after the new Law on Forestry comes into effect. The Project also should prioritize the development of a Decree on REDD+ implementation in Vietnam or advising the Government (the Minister) on a Decision on carbon rights/emission reductions.
- REDD+ activities should be in line with the objectives of the National Target Program for Sustainable Forest Development. On the other hand, REDD+ will be able to quantify emissions (including carbon removals and carbon stocks enhancement) and regimes for carbon rights/emission reductions.
- The Project should support forestry companies and forest management boards in the project provinces to implement sustainable forest management in association with forest certification and timber's origin verification.
- The Project should also allocate more budget for communications and standardization of documents (leaflets, documentary). The Project should develop a plan for communications activities and REDD+ campaign, linking REDD+ with sustainable forest protection and management activities.

Members of the Project Steering Committee were discussing during the meeting
The Emission Reductions Program Document (ER-PD)
- The Project Steering Committee appreciated the leadership and direction of the CPMU and the efforts of the experts involved in the development of the Emission Reductions Program Document of the North Central Coast region.
- This is the first regional REDD+ Program to pilot results-based payments, program implementation funds must be mobilized from various sources and payments must be in line with government policy and administered by state authorities (VNFOREST). Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development will be the executive agency of the ER Program and collaborate with other state agencies. The ER-P managing board will be compacted with a focal point.
- It is proposed that the project update some information on the management agencies in the ER-PD in the direction that: VNFOREST is the proposing agency; there will be Program Steering Committees and Program Management Offices at central and local levels. The rights to emission reduction will be represented by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and there will be a government fund under the Vietnam Forest Protection and Development Fund to receive payment and implement a benefit sharing plan.
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