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FCPF: Quang Binh announces Provincial REDD+ Action Plan (PRAP)

On 3 June 2016, the launching workshop of Quang Binh PRAP is held in Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh province.

Mr. Vu Xuan Thon – Director of Management Board of Forest Projects and Mr. Pham Hong Thai – Vice Director of Quang Binh DARD co-chair the workshop. Participants are representatives from six districts and 19 communes of Quang Binh and representatives from Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Hà Tinh, Hue and Quang Tri.

Mr. Vu Xuan Thon – Director of Management Board of Forest Projects and Mr. Pham Hong Thai – Vice Director of Quang Binh DARD co-chair the workshop

Quang Binh PRAP play as an important milestone to orient REDD+ activities in the coming time as well as the integration of REDD+ activities with agricultural development programs in particular and plans of economic and social development in general for sustainable development in Quang Binh.

Quang Binh PRAP is presented by the technical consultant

Quang Binh PRAP is approved in Decision 1208/QĐ-UBND dated 25 April 2016 by Provincial People’s Committee. Quang Binh PRAP will be implemented in three main components are: forest management; society and environment; issues related to management.

Targets of Quang Binh PRAP:

Period of 2016 - 2017: Ready preparation for implementation of REDD+ +; pilot implementation of REDD+ project acitivity model + and capacity building for agencies, organizations and local communities.

Period of 2018 - 2020: Completing mechanisms, policies, organizational structures and technical capacity to ensure coordination, management and operation of projects and activities effectively in accordance with the design of the Provincial REDD+ Action Plan; implementation of REDD+activities integration in the action plan of Quang Binh Forest Protection and Development period from 2015 to 2020 in order to develop sustainable forests; to conserve biodiversity, to diversify and to improve livelihoods for forest owners and farmers.

PRAP of Quang Binh in period 2016 – 2020 will implement follow intervention packages:

(1) Strengthening measures for enrichment of forest with native plant species;

(2) Development of non-timber forest products;

(3) Making payments for forest environmental services;

(4) Supporting expenditure for management, protection and development of forests for organizations;

(5) Developing plant nurseries to ensure quality;

(6) Developing intensive plantation forest, supplying of big timber;

(7) Construction of linked chain of investment - production - consumption of plantation timber products towards improving economic efficiency;

(8) Developing and implementing plans for sustainable forest management;

(9) Completing land allocation associated with forest allocation and granting certificates of forestry land use rights for individuals, families and communities;

(10) Establishing, promulgating and implementing pilot benefit policies from natural forests to households, individuals, communities having allocated forests;

(11) Stable planning and improving efficiency of the management of forests and forest land allocated to individuals, households and communities;

(12) Establishment and development of agricultural credit funds for hamlet / village / mountain hamlet (community credit funds);

(13) Increasing crop productivity and diversification of products from forest gardens to improve the household economy;

(14) Improving capacity for forest protection force for forest owners and forest protection groups of communes;

(15) Support for investment in uniforms and equipment for forest protection forces of forest owners, forest rangers, forest protection teams at communal, community levels;

(16) Promoting propaganda of laws on forest protection for local people and communities;

(17) Strengthening measures to well implement regulations on coordination of forest protection management at local level.

Until now, there are five PRAPs approved including Lam Dong, Dien Bien, Quang Binh, Ca Mau and Thanh Hoa.

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