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Field inspection of UN-REDD+ Programme activities

On July 06th and 07th 2016, a delegation from Royal Norwegian Embassy and UN-REDD+ Vietnam Phase II Programme led by Mr. Eirik Brun Sorlie, a Counsellor of Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ha Noi, inspected ongoing activities in Tam Giang I Protection Forest Management Board (PFMB) and visited a model of Mollusca (Cerithidea obtusa) farming under forest canopy in Bien Tay Protection Forest Ranger Department (PFRD).

The delegation visited a model of aquaculture integrated with forest protection and management and consults local people in the area where the programme has been implemented. The delegation appreciates Tam Giang I PFMB's efforts in patrolling, protecting, and managing coastal protection forest. Proposals of Tam Giang I PFMB include: to equip office supplies as well as transport means for forest patrol, protection and management; to facilitate implementation of livelihood activities, especially to provide aquatic breeds seasonally in time. All the proposals have been acknowledged and implemented at the soonest possible time.

The delegation visits a model of Mollusca farming under forest canopy

Also, the delegation visited a model of Mollusca farming under forest canopy in Bien Tay PFRD. The model was been piloted in 2007 and implemented from 2014. Currently, there are 55 participated households with total area of about 200 ha. The beginning assessment shows that the model brings practical environmental effects, contributes to coastal forest protection, creates jobs and increases local people's income, and reduces illegal logging. However, households have been lacking in techniques of Mollusca farming while the supply of aquatic breeds depends mainly on natural Mollusca. Moreover, as there is a lack of equipment and facilities for forest protection and management, it is difficult for the PFRD to patrol coastal areas. The delegation has acknowledged the difficulties and will integrate UN-REDD+ Programme with other projects in order to protect protection forest effectively as well as increase the livelihood of local people living under forest canopy. In the short term, it is estimated that the Programme will provide 29 households who have participated in the Mollusca farming model with 200 - 300 kg of breed Mollusca per household for next production season./. Van Bach
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