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Lao Cai Province’s People Committee announces Provincial REDD+ action plan (PRAP), duration 2016 - 2020

July 5th, Lao Cai Province’s People Committee (Lao Cai PPC) held the Announcement Conference of Provincial REDD+ action plan (PRAP), duration 2016 – 2020.
Mr Nguyen Huu The, member of Provincial Party Standing Committee, Vice Chairman of Lao Cai PPC, Vice director of UN-REDD+ Vietnam phase II Programme Management Unit (PMU) – Miss Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy attended and presided the Conference. Besides that, the Conference was welcome the present of Mr Eirik Brun Solie – Counsellor of Royal Norwegian Embassy in Viet Nam- the Donor’s representative. Additionally, there were many delegates from UN agencies, neighboring provinces; district’s people committees; forest owners; Hoang Lien National Park; Hoang Lien - Van Ban Natural Reserve; Forest management boards, forestry companies and the pilot communes participating the Conference.              The PRAP’s objectives are suitable with Lao Cai communist Party congress, tenure 2015 – 2020’s objectives in term of improving forest coverage into 56% and increasing forest plantation’s yield into 10% comparing with 2015. Additionally, forestry production value is increasing; the production will have the positive changes to meet the requirements of forest sector structure and provide more livelihood activities for the people. According from the analysis results of Drivers leading deforestation and forest degradation from site levels, provincial levels, related organizations and people, PRAP duration 2016 – 2020 will be implemented in 143 communes of 8 districts and 01 city that have forest and forestry land. The content of PRAP includes 2 components, with 21 prior activities. The first component focuses on forest protection and development activities including 07 main activities such as: enhancing natural forest management and protection; increasing capacity to prevent forest fire; increasing capacity for forest protection forces; planting the forest on free-land and after the logging process; implementing the regeneration and recovery of the natural forest; planting the scattered trees along the roads and public places… The second component concentrates on the 14 main activities about livelihood and supporting the production, including: review and adjustment of 3 types of forests; supporting the land and forest allocation process for individuals, households and communities; preventing the negative effects on the forest such as: reducing the deforestation and forest degradation from Cardamom cultivation; reducing the illegal logging in the natural forest; strengthen the inter- agency co-operation; sustainable forest management towards forest certificate; increasing yield and quality of the forest; providing more livelihood activities for the people working in the forestry sector; planting non – wood forest products to increase the income from the forest… Approval Decision of sustainable forest management plan of Bao Yen forestry limited company, duration 2016 – 2022 was announced in the Conference. Additionally, initial report of Germany’s organization – GFA confirmed that 3.735,32 ha forest plantation of Bao Yen forestry limited company are able to receive forest certificate (FSC). This is an important condition for wooden products of Bao Yen forestry limited company to penetrate into American and Europe’s markets.              At the end of the Conference, Mr Nguyen Huu The appreciates the efforts of agriculture and rural development sector, the departments, related agencies and localities in Lao Cai province in term of implementing the UN-REDD+ Programme. Additionally, he also appreciates the supports from Royal Norwegian Embassy in Vietnam; international organizations and UN agencies; counseling agencies. To implement REDD+ as well as PRAP in the future, Vice –president of Lao Cai PPC requires all levels and sectors to implement 4 contents well, including: (1) Strengthen the communication to raise awareness of people about forests, value of forests, especially with the people who live near the forests. (2) Focusing on the synchronized solutions about afforestation, forest protection. (3) Continuing the innovation of the methods for the practical results of afforestation. Until 2020, the forest coverage will reach 56%. (4) Police and forest ranger forces must enhance the investigation; provide serious punishment with illegal logging and forest encroachment.
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