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REDD+ Technical Working Group in Brief

The REDD+ Network has coordination function and is to support the development of REDD+ readiness in the context of efforts by the Government of Viet Nam to address Climate Change mitigation and adaptation, as reflected in the National Target Programme on Climate Change Response for the period 2009 - 2015 (NTC/CCR)Task of REDD+ Network in Viet Nam shall assist implementing the following tasks

  • Prepare an action plan, including a road map, for the design and implementation of all elements of an effective national REDD+ system for Viet Nam
  • Establish milestones and deadlines for delivery of each component of the action plan
  • Co-ordinate the inputs of international development partners, and ensure that bilateral and multilateral funding is directed to support implementation of specific components of the action plan in a way that is consistent with the comparative advantages of the international partners and meets the financial needs of each component
  • Undertake regular reviews and assessment of the status of implementation of the action plan, and design and implement measures to address any shortcomings in implementation
  • Ensure that all activities in support of the development and implementation of REDD+ measures in Viet Nam full under, and are consistent with the action plan
  • Carry out other tasks assigned by the Chairs. 

Decision 2614/QĐ-BNN-LN: Establishment of the National Network and Working Group for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+)

Members of the National REDD+ Network

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