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UN-REDD+ Bac Kan: Capacity building training for forest rangers in Pac Nam district

From 21-22/6/2016, PMU of UN-REDD+ Phase II in Bac Kan province cooperated with Provincial Forest Protection Department to organize the capacity building training on document formulation and handling administrative violation in forest protection and development management for 21 forest rangers in district forest rangers department, forest rangers stations and forest staff in communes of Pac Nam district.             During the training, officials of Investigation-Legislation Office, Provincial Forest Protection Department had introduced to participants the legal documents related to handling administrative violation in forest management, protection and development, forest production management, the formulation procedures of a document for administrative violation cases; besides, participants discussed and gave solutions for some cases happened in reality.             At the end of the training, Mr. Le Xuan Dieu – Head of Forest Ranger Department in Pac Nam district had thanked and highly appriciated the support of UN-REDD+ Programme and Forest Protection Department in Bac Kan province for organizing the capacity building training for forest rangers in Pac Nam district; these are useful knowledge for district forest ranger force, especially, for forest rangers and forest staff in communes, who directly detect and prepare minutes for administrative violation cases in forest protection management and advise leaders of Commune People’s Committee and others related authorities to issue dicisions on handling violation more convenient.
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