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UN-REDD+ Binh Thuan: Organizing workshop to raise awareness on REDD+, climate change, sustainable forest management

On 19th July 2016 in Bac Binh District, Binh Thuan Province. Binh Thuan PPMU organized a workshop on awareness raising of REDD+, climate change, sustainable forest management. The workshop objective was to improve the understanding of REDD+, climate change, forest management sustainable for forest owners, local forest rangers, stations of forest management and protection in the districts of Tuy Phong and Bac Binh, Binh Thuan province.

               At the workshop, participants were equipped with the basic knowledge about REDD+, climate change, the relationship between forests and REDD+ and were introduced the activity packages in the Provincial REDD+ Action Plan and the pilots on benefit sharing in the local areas through the presentations of the provincial REDD+ communication network members.

Simultaneously, discussions and presentations of group discussion results created active and effective participations on issues related to REDD+. In addition to discussions, participants also had the opportunity to share information, practical experiences in the protection and development of forests in the their units.

The participants of this workshop will be the pioneer and core force playing an important role in facilitating the stakeholders’ participation in the forest protection and development as well as the successful implementation of the Provincial REDD+ Action Plan contributing to the successful implementation of the National REDD+ Action Plan.
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