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UN-REDD+: Lam Dong celebrated technical training workshop and handed forestry and fruit trê seedlings at Loc Phu commune

Rainy season is coming, this is also season of planting trees, Lam Dong PPMU continue implement SiRAP activities which were signed with 2 communes Loc Phu - Bao Lam and Da Nhim - Lac Duong.

In 2 days June 06th and June 07th, UN-REDD+ Lam Dong cooperated with Agriculture Extension Center and REDD+ planning taskforce of Loc Phu Commune to celebrate a technical training workshop about planting forestry and fruit trees, at the same time, handed seedlings to households who live close to forest and related on forest, according to approved activity in SiRAP of Loc Phu commune, Bao Lam district, Lam Dong province.

Figure 1: Planting technique training before seedlings handing

Figure 2: Households’ members were very happy recieving their seedlings

SiRAP Agreement of Loc Phu commune was singed on May 8th 2015, right in year 2015, some activities have been implemented, including: built 07 banners about REDD+ which were located in the centers of 6 villages and communes; Propaganda content about UN-REDD+ and REDD+ was edited, translated and recorded to CDs and handed to CPC to be procasted in 2 languages (Kinh and K’ho); bought forest patrolling protection uniforms, cold-prevent coats, caps, mosquitos-nets, forest patrolling shoes with “forest protection” message and UN-REDD+ logo printed on, those were handed to 61 households who participated in forest patrolling and protection; organized livelihood suppoting fund for community, people in Nao Quang village. These activities have been contributed to reduce forest harvesting and encroachment at the local and improve a part of income for people so that reduce stress on forest.

Support scatter forestry seedlings (Sao Den, Muong den, Sua) and fruit trees according to agroforestry model on sustainable cultivation land (grafted avocado, grafted durian, grafted Lo Ren star-apple) for community, people at the local, this is a priority activity related to crops in 2016 of UN-REDD+ Lam Dong

Before receiving seedlings, representatives of households were trained by Agriculture Extension Centre officers about trees planting and caring technique. With learner centred teaching method, it exploited maximum experience of learners and speedily helped them understand and practise the right technique at the field.

After the training, households members happily received 19,087 seedlings of all types (11,165 forestry trees and 7,922 fruit trees), the forestry and fruit trees that handed to people met the proposed technical requirements. After receiving seedlings, they happily came back and planted on their register area at the same day with the right learned technique.

Next, within 2 days June 08th and June 09th 2016, in Ad Him commune, Lac Duong district, we completed handing 3,800 forestry and fruit seedlings. All seedlings were planted right after being handed according to the plan agreed between UN-REDD+ Lam Dong and Commune REDD+ implementation taskforce.

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