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Women's union with Forests an Climate change

On November 29th 2017, the UN-REDD+ Program Phase II Management Unit of Ha Tinh province collaborated with the Provincial Women's Union to organize the contest "Women with forests and climate change", with the participation of three teams including Huong Khe district, Hong Linh town and Ha Tinh city. Attendants of the contest were Head of Department of Propaganda of the Provincial Party Committee, Mr. Hoang Trung Dung, and other leaders of relevant departments and unions and more than 200 women members in the province.

With the aim of raising awareness among women members of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the efforts of reducing deforestation and forest degradation; strengthening and conserving forest carbon volumes; maintaining sustainable management of forest resources; effects of climate change on human life, environment and fauna and flora; the role of women in the forest protection... In the preparation, thanks to the self-learning and the careful document reading, the three teams developed careful and meaningful plans of effective propaganda.

At the contest, three parts (greeting, knowledge and talent) directly addressed the roles of the forest, the causes and consequences of forest losses, Climate Change, the relationship between climate change, forests and people ... Accordingly, for the contest greeting part, each participating team presented a piece of a play introducing members of their team and the purpose of participating in the contest. Next, the knowledge included many questions related to the concepts, the causes and consequences of climate change and natural disasters. Finally, at the talent part, through their own designed plays, the teams mentioned the effects of climate change on human life, while reflecting on the human actions that affect the environment. As a result, a number of practical measures were proposed to propagandize and raise people's awareness, calling for the community to take immediate actions such as enhancing environmental protection, saving energy, actively planting and protecting trees, not cutting down and exploiting forests carelessly... to contribute to reducing climate change, mitigating damage caused by natural disasters.

If the contents of the greeting and talent parts created exciting atmosphere, the content of knowledge contest was very dramatic. So, the fans of the teams were excited and applaused many times, and they kept silent while waiting for results, and then bursted out as their team got the high scores.

Mr. Nguyen Vu Long, Communication Officer of UN-REDD+ Vietnam Program Management Unit, Phase II of Ha Tinh province said: "Climate change has become a familiar phrase for everyone. We all feel that the climate change directly affects our lives. Therefore, the contest is an opportunity for female staff members to exchange knowledge, and develop knowledge and creative thinking on propaganda on forest protection, REDD+ and climate change.”

At the end of the contest, the Organizing Committee awarded the first prize to the Hong Linh town team, the second prize for Ha Tinh city team and third prize for Huong Khe district team.

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